, Salem, MA

April 27, 2013

Letter: New respect for Allison

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Jeff Allison returned to Peabody High to speak to seniors before the last few weeks of their high school careers. Growing up, there was big hype around what Allison could have done, but everyone in Peabody expressed their disappointment for the professional athlete who turned to drugs instead of reaching his full potential. Even though I don’t know him personally, it was nice to see that his life has turned around for the better by reading this article. He is using his experience to teach lessons to kids who may be going through the same difficult times.

Going back to Peabody High, the place where his No. 9 Peabody Tanners baseball jersey is hanging in the lobby and where his career began, must have been a really tough appearance to make. I respect Allison for what he came to do for the Peabody High seniors. I graduated from Peabody High last year and went off to college, and his words quoted in the article will stay with me.

Knowing that Jeff Allison made it through his difficult times and had the courage to come back to his home and speak about his troubles is incredible. I hope he continues to speak to students so they can understand the very harsh reality that exists with drug use and how a couple of bad decisions can drastically change anyone’s future.

Katie Kelley