, Salem, MA

May 22, 2013

Letter: Thanks to Hamilton Fire and Police departments

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

My husband recently had a freak accident at our home when, during routine repairs, our flag pole snapped and impaled him through the upper arm, severing his brachial artery and medial nerve. The Hamilton fire and police first responders were amazing! They arrived very quickly, assessed the situation, stabilized his medical condition and made the decision to call for a medical helicopter. This critical and seemingly impossible situation was handled in such a kind, efficient and calm manner! They were able to cut the pole and transport him (with a piece of the pole still in his arm) by ambulance to Patton Park, where the helicopter was waiting.

The baseball game and all of Patton Park had to be cleared for the helicopter landing and take-off, and all of this was done quickly and efficiently. Without these well-trained and dedicated men, my husband would not be alive today. Lt. Scott Janes and Patrolman Michael Girolimon were especially kind and made sure I had a ride to the hospital. The many kindnesses shown during the incident and in the days following are to be applauded and all the members of the Police and Fire departments commended. What a wonderful town we live in!

In the critical days following the incident, several police officers stopped by to ask me what I needed and to check on my husband’s progress. Kirby Brand noticed my husband’s truck was weighed down by a load of loam, and organized a group of Fire Department workers to unload and spread it on our lawn so our truck would not be damaged. Those who arrived to help were many of the very same men who had been first responders and had saved my husband’s life! Many of the others came to simply help us out! Kirby Brand, Randy Ayers, Dave Dolan, Jared Dolan, Ray Brunet, Andrew Ellison, Fran Cirinna, Sarah Spurs and Alex Dale were among those whose kindness will never be forgotten.

In these days of such bad news in our world, in times of emergency and unspeakably horrible accidents, it is wonderful to know that such caring and kind people are there to take care of us. Kudos to all who were involved in my husband’s rescue and transport, I do not know everyone’s name, and do not wish to slight anyone, and to those who have continued to check in on us daily. Our neighbors and friends have all helped in countless ways.

Yes, we are very fortunate to live in this wonderful town, and these folks should be commended for doing their jobs well, but also for their many quiet gestures of kindness and caring. God bless each and every one of them!

Patricia Bade

South Hamilton