, Salem, MA

September 24, 2012

Letter: Opposed to physician-assisted suicide

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

After having visited my 94-year-old mother in a nursing home, it was imperative to write this letter opposing the ballot initiative for physician-assisted suicide this November.

Although my mother is ill, she still has her mental facilities and communicates very well. She and her fellow patients are very well-cared-for. In short, I don’t want her to leave this Earth before her natural time and especially with the assistance of this proposed law. Anyone who has an elderly mother or father must feel the same way. At least most everyone. Even some of us who have lost loved ones wish they were still with us.

Much has appeared in The Salem News on this subject. However, one must speak out from soulful experience. Physician-assisted suicide is inhuman. The law states the physician need not be present during the death. One doubts health insurers would pay for the procedure or pay for the drugs. It is a very bad thing for our society to accept, and I ask voters not only to oppose physician-assisted suicide but also vote against legislators who approve of it.

Philip J. Celeste