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January 1, 2013

Cookson: New Year's resolutions to k

Mary Alice Cookson
The Salem News

---- — New Year’s resolutions don’t tend to work for me. My promises to get more exercise or to eat healthier rarely make it past the first flute of New Year’s Champagne. And it’s not for lack of trying. (Well, yes, maybe it is).

But here are some 2013 resolutions I intend to keep:

I’ll stop eating Christmas cookies for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Having one or two at dessert is fine, but I won’t eat them as meals in themselves.

I’ll splurge for name-brand Scotch tape and won’t settle for that cheap cellophane tape that gets stuck on the roll, on my clothing and in my hair, and requires many precious hours peeling it off and doesn’t even look nice on the packages. Only Scotch tape from now on; no exceptions.

I’ll look up at the nighttime sky as often as possible. Whenever I do look up, I always think I should do it more. Recently, I went on a snowy woods walk under the light of a brilliant full moon with some adventurous women friends. I’ll do this kind of activity more, also (even though we got lost after two hours of hiking and nobody could figure out how to use the GPS on our cellphones to get us un-lost, which leads me to my next resolution ...)

I’ll learn to use the capabilities of my smartphone instead of just swearing at it.

I’ll stop watching gratuitously violent movies and acting like they don’t bother me.

I’ll work to rekindle old friendships by actually calling old friends instead of writing on my Christmas card that I’d like to get in touch and then never doing it.

I’ll try to keep in mind that when people are grumpy, it could have something to do with them and nothing to do with me.

I’ll give my family a break from my nagging (after they’ve done what I’ve asked, of course).

I’ll sing more and complain less.

I’ll dance when no one is watching. (If you’ve seen me dance, you’ll understand.)

I’ll walk the beach.

I’ll allow my fears and worries to float away like puffy clouds, and not just during yoga class.

I’ll find things to be grateful for each and every day, like peppermint mocha coffee creamer or the fact that I live in the beautiful city of Beverly.

I’ll follow the advice of all the self-help slogans I agree with, keeping in mind: “You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy wine and that’s kind of the same thing.”

I’ll raise a glass of wine and toast to a bright new year, the best yet for all of us.

Happy 2013!


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