, Salem, MA

January 7, 2013

Letter: Freedoms twisted beyond reason

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Some say that people who have guns constitute a gun culture. Guns are not a culture any more than running shoes, baseball bats or ice skates are cultures. The belief that people who have guns are a part of a culture, a gun culture, is as sophomoric as a belief that our politicians will get to correcting the sources of the mass killings without the driving force of dedicated, persevering masses of thinking people who will make it happen. People are being misled by those who know that they can not correct the real problems in the short term ... so gun reform is an easy out, even though they know for a fact that it will never work.

Gun reform will never stop the mentally ill who have a need to kill any more than regulations will stop the true drug addict. The solution is being focused to an unrelated part of the problem. Should society eliminate automobiles because there are hit-and-run drivers who kill people? In the case of mass killings, should we eliminate airplanes, because hundreds of people die at one time? Of course not, that would be foolish.

The real problem is that society continues to supply our children with an addiction toward violence and killings through murder movies, horror videos, killing e-games and a laissez-faire attitude on what our children are taught in and out of school and then not take responsibility that some of the mentally weaker of us will end up with a disposition to create serious crimes. We have to change this killing culture that has been created within our children to be an anti-killing culture.

We have real-life examples of the results of what is happening. Look at what is happening in the Muslim world. They have been teaching their children to hate and kill infidels. Should that now surprise anyone?

For the past generation, we have been teaching our children, through free speech, that certain types of killings are seemingly good sport. We do it by the courts upholding free rights when it comes to violence, murder movies, horror and death videos, and killing games that have been addicting our children. How can we not expect and foresee that some of the weaker ones in our society will misuse this information and be driven toward killing for real? What is really frustrating is that the police, teachers, parents and/or physicians had foreknowledge in nearly each case that these mentally weaker people were a serious danger and a threat to our society. Why can we no longer remove dangerous people from living in our open society? It’s because of the changes to our laws that now prevent these officials from doing some things that used to be a part of their jobs.

Government and certain misinformed individuals look at these two rights quite differently. They bolster free speech as though it is an all-good right, while looking down at the right to bear arms as an all-bad right.

We as a society have allowed certain people for whatever reasons to change the rights of free speech where they allow us more freedom. These changes have incrementally twisted these freedoms beyond reason, so as to create serious unintended problems.

Instead of working on the root causes of the problem by stopping the “killing is fun” addiction and removing those of us who should not be living in an open society, the government is trying to come up with results by tearing away at unrelated issues, such as gun reform, that seemingly gives some a little misguided comfort.

The laws should be changed so that we can once again take certain dangerous mentally weaker people away from our free society before rather than incarcerating them after they have committed serious crimes. Laws should also be changed to eliminate all sources creating the “killing is fun” addiction that is constantly being fed to our children.

Paul LaBrie