, Salem, MA

January 15, 2013

Letter: Guns protect us from government

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I believe columnist Brian Watson asked the wrong question in his Jan. 1 article (“Gun culture myths detract from reform efforts”). In referring to the gun control argument that citizens must be armed to protect themselves against potential tyranny in our own government, he makes light of that very possibility. He asks, “Who’s going to create this tyranny?” then follows that with several names: Pelosi, Rove, Petraeus, Scalia, Obama, Bank of America, et al.

That is the wrong question. He should have asked, “If it happens, who’s going to STOP it ?”

Daily, we see headlines describing governments destroying their own countries. History shows that the persecution of Jews was well-known, but no one would risk taking action.

After watching the fiscal cliff debacle and hearing from Congress, “that’s the best we can do,” then listening to veiled insults and threats from the executive branch, I’m leaning toward trusting American citizens with guns.

Patricia LaBrie