, Salem, MA

January 29, 2013

Letter: Slots plan 'preposterous'

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

It isn’t April 1, but the headline on Wednesday’s Salem News might make me think so. The idea that a thousand, two-hundred-fifty (that’s 1,250) slot machines (or more) could be installed in Liberty Tree Mall is preposterous for the following reasons:

The mall is a gathering place for almost all ages, most especially teenagers, and a place of gambling is not appropriate for young people;

During the peak hours, there will be a definite increase in parking, which can make a hardship for retail customers;

The premise of gambling, that you can get something for nothing if you’re lucky, is at best a false one;

There are enough addictions in this world; why feed on one by making gambling so readily available? Besides, we already have the Lottery, and that should feed that particular hunger.

An additional site where liquor is available does not add to the general atmosphere of the place.

I find it regrettable that the governor is allowing gambling casinos into Massachusetts. It seems to me that this is a dreadful way for the state to better the condition of its coffers. In fact, the analogy to prostitution is inescapable. That said, it seems to me that something is wrong with a culture that refuses to pay the cost of its living but will rely on the addiction of those who cannot help themselves.

Jane Baker