, Salem, MA

January 29, 2013

Letter: Peace of mind, not entitlement

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Star Parker’s Jan. 28 column “Reliance on entitlements harms U.S.” refers to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid by the Republicans’ favorite term “entitlement.” Medicaid may be described as such, but then a democracy for the people should look after those on the lowest end of the economic ladder. It isn’t a hardship if you have a heart and care about people as people and not a number! With regard to the other two aspects of our fantastic Social Security system, most of us have paid into the system all of our working lives to hopefully have a little peace of mind in our later years. That’s all it is, it isn’t a pension like the system set up by Congress for themselves, which is truly an entitlement that must be ended to lower the deficit!

Saul P. Heller