, Salem, MA

January 30, 2013

Our view: Time to ease up on ticket takers in Peabody

The Salem News

---- — We’ve heard of out-of-control parents yelling during their children’s sporting events before. Until last week, however, we didn’t know that some of them started before they even made it in the door.

We learned last week that ticket takers at Peabody High School games are being put in the middle of family feuds.

“Our ticket takers don’t make a lot of money, and they get yelled at constantly,” athletic director Phil Sheridan told the School Committee last week.

Since 2007, the schools have given parents of student-athletes two free passes to each game. Given the huge outlay of money and time these parents make on behalf of their children, it seems like a kind and reasonable gesture.

Not by today’s standards, apparently.

“What we’re running into now is the blended family,” Sheridan said. “Mom will come in with her new husband, and they want to get in for free. And then dad will come in with his new wife, and they want to get in for free, too. And we get yelled at.”

What a great example these folks are setting for the youths around them. We’re not talking big bucks here. Hockey tickets are $7 each; adults pay $5 at football games and $4 at basketball games.

With those reasonable prices, maybe those angry parents could afford a little class.