, Salem, MA

September 14, 2013

Letter: Residents of Great Neck are left uninformed

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Great Neckers are about to get it in the neck again.

There is a plan under way to dig up Jeffery’s Neck Road to replace the water line, yes, starting at Newmarch Street and ending at Eagle Hill.

The reason given two years ago at a town meeting was to have water pressure in case of fire. That’s right, not going to water tower. Make sense? Voters approved $1.95 million, a distance of 1.4 miles. Then resurface for $500,000, later changed to $1 million to resurface. Right -- $2.5 million to $3 million for 1.4 miles!

When I asked questions at finance committee and selectmen’s meetings about adding sewer line, I was told a sewer line can’t be closer than six feet to a water line. Huh, did that mean every street in town has to be changed?

Now, changes are under way to raise the road because of high water three or five times a year.

How did this type of expenditure get by at Town Meeting? Simple answer, it was not explained to residents of Great Neck and to residents on and side of Jeffery’s Neck Road.

Yes, you had a choice at Town Meeting, but you didn’t know and thus didn’t show.

Fall Town Meeting is coming soon.

Sewer the Neck, ask the elected officials where the catch basins empty now.

While the road is dug up why not bring a gas line for residents, if gas becomes available?

Why do Great Neckers get treated like a special cash cow when assessed?

Right now is the time to ask questions and get tuned in to what’s going on.

Ask your neighbors if they understand.

Phil Goguen