, Salem, MA

September 23, 2013

Letter: Vote against collateral damage on Brimbal

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

This proposed revised zoning for a section of Brimbal Avenue is really creating an overlay district, which would enable expanded uses found in other zoning districts to be applied in the original Industrial Restricted (IR) zoning district, such as residential; drive-through food establishments; and retail, to cite a few.

This also includes shared parking, enabling daytime as well as nighttime use of the same parking spaces. It is a mish-mash of numerous zoning details, a number of which conflict with each other. Brimbal Avenue taxpayers who seek to understand the impact of these zoning regulations will not be able to be understand them because the mass of these regulations is overwhelming. How do I know? I read all three of the regulations:

Section 38.19 IR and IR Overlay District;

Section 38.6 Common Permitted Uses;

Section 38.25 Parking regulations that prevail throughout the City in other Zones.

The overall impression I received from my reading is that a separate, integrated approach should be created. As a result, Brimbal Avenue taxpayers will be able to understand the zoning that governs their properties in their general area, primarily single-family homes.

Developers should not be able to pick and choose zoning regulations that will suit their pocketbooks. Government should not promote chaos. Brimbal Avenue taxpayers/residents deserve better — and so do drivers like myself who use Brimbal Avenue for their daily errands. We cannot have paralysis on one of our major beautiful roads.

I call for serious discussion on this project — between City Hall and Brimbal Avenue taxpayer/residents whose properties will be seriously devalued. Quality of life — air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution at night must be considered. Finally, public safety for resident taxpayers and for those who use this road is equally important.

C’mon, please: Brimbal taxpayers don’t deserve to become “collateral damage!” On with the discussion between taxpayers and their government. You’ll see many people from the Brimbal neighborhoods, as well as other Beverly taxpayers.

Renée M. Mary