, Salem, MA

September 24, 2013

Letter: Too much traffic already in Beverly

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Regarding the Brimbal Avenue project:

I think that the project for Brimbal Avenue will make more of a mess in traffic. The City Council and mayor have not thought of how much delay emergency service would have getting to save lives. Already I am seeing more traffic daily on Rantoul Street and Elliott Street, Sohier Road and North Beverly. Also, the downtown is clogged with traffic — a real mess. ...

In reality, a development and rezoning is not so good for this area. We have too much traffic already. You have Stop & Shop on Elliott Street, you have North Beverly Plaza, and if the Brimbal Avenue project goes through, the situation will be worse and worse. I hope people will vote this down, because this project is wrong for the city of Beverly.

Mark Jones