, Salem, MA

October 5, 2013

Letter: Obama needs to bring sides together to solve shutdown

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The articles in the Oct. 2 Salem News showed the real reason for the so-called shutdown of the federal government, Obamacare or the Affordable Health Care Act.

Actually, the government is still collecting all federal taxes, the military is still on duty, Social Security and Medicare agencies are still operational, the veterans hospitals are still providing services and the Federal Reserve Bank is still printing paper money. Obamacare now has revealed some potholes that need to be filled, one of which is family health care.

Companies are now starting just to enroll the one employee and dropping the family policies and also are curtailing hours so employees will not be full time, qualifying them for Obamacare or “Obamascare.” The Republicans in Congress, according to the Salem News article, want to delay the Affordable Health Care Act in order to amend it while providing a budget for the people of the United States. Or they want to substitute better health care legislation for Obamacare. It would seem that President Obama, as chief executive, should bring together leaders of both political parties in the two houses of Congress and start talking about a resolution to the problem. Mr. Obama has not given any indication to ameliorate the situation with members of the opposition and to bring both sides together to talk.

If we remember House Speaker Tip O’Neal, Democrat, and President Ronald Reagan, Republican, they managed to get together and solve national problems. Party affiliation was not a problem with those two famous national and international leaders. It is time for the president to show leadership as chief executive and bring everyone to the negotiating table and resolve their differences for the benefit or our country.

Philip J. Celeste