, Salem, MA

November 1, 2013

Letter: News makes ironic choice in Beverly race

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

How ironic that The Salem News would endorse Mike Cahill in the Beverly mayoral race, because he “promises a more inclusive approach” and then immediately dismiss Estelle Rand, the leading candidate for Wes Slate’s seat on the City Council in Ward 2, in favor of Bryant Ayles, merely because of his “fiscal” experience.

Not only did Rand lead the four-way primary race with 44 percent of the vote in her precinct, she has a proven track record in consensus-building in Beverly. In order to bring her simple vision of providing the residents of Beverly with the opportunity to stock their pantries with fresh food from local farms to fruition, Rand, as founder of the Beverly Farmers Market, had to work closely with all of the following: the City Council, the Veterans’ Council, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Public Works, the Board of Health, the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources and, of course, with Beverly’s own Mayor Scanlon.

Making the farmers market the growing success that it has been for the last five years also shows us that Rand has a good knack for listening to people’s concerns, be they residents, vendors or department heads.

Why choose another number cruncher such as Ayles when you can choose a proven community leader? Beverly needs people with vision; that’s why my vote is going to Estelle Rand!

Kathy Abbott