, Salem, MA

November 11, 2013

Letter: A waterfront dilemma

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

Maybe I’m missing something, but it seems that self-interests have kept the Black Cow from coming to the Beverly waterfront for seven years. Another boatyard would not help most Beverly citizens. Many of us are not boaters or fishermen, and we would also love to have access to the waterfront. We’d love to a have a place to sit and have a meal or a drink and take in the beauty of the harbor. We’d like a place to take our friends who come into town and show them how hospitable and beautiful Beverly is.

There is nothing in Beverly like this project. We have a beautiful city, and we should make better use of our waterfront. I have no investment in The Black Cow or any other restaurant, but the owner of successful restaurants is willing to invest $3 million into the site without owning the land. He has been very patient, and everyone I have talked to wonders why it doesn’t happen.

I have been around long enough to enjoy sitting at McDonalds with my children, and now I would like to sit there again, as would many people. We have plenty of shopping centers, yet one gets voted in right away while we have no restaurants on the water? I have been following this project in the newspaper for seven years, and no one has ever given a good reason why it shouldn’t happen. There are vague suggestions that the opponents of this project would have a better plan. I haven’t seen one; are they willing to put in $3 million?

Let’s stop the nonsense and let the people of Beverly and surrounding communities enjoy the wonderful harborfront. Or at least would someone explain to the rest of us why a restaurant on the water is a bad idea for Beverly. It has been suggested in this paper that Mike Cahill is against the project. Perhaps he could explain why Mr. Leone’s restaurant is not good enough though he has submitted plans and is willing to get to work on this immediately. Sure, he hopes to make money with his restaurant, but what is good for him is good for Beverly. What have the opponents shown that is better? From the perspective of a citizen, it seems like “sour grapes” is preventing the project and Mike Cahill is going along for the measly $150 campaign contribution.

Please tell me otherwise.

Luana Baldi