, Salem, MA

September 27, 2012

Letter: A welcome return of Nelson Benton’s column

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

I am looking forward to reading Nelson Benton’s column on Fridays. He has been such a treasure and fixture to The Salem News for more than four decades. It has not been quite the same since his well-deserved retirement to be with his family in the sunshine state of Arizona.

His well-thought-out words and wisdom will make our Fridays, for he has had a rich legacy and lore to many of us in public service. In the dawn of a new age in journalism with the Internet, we must be vigilant and honest to seek out truth to the events of our times. Nelson’s craft with the written word is unmatched because of his keen sense in the true meaning of government of the people, by the people and for the people, with the press being the key fourth branch of government to keep the readers informed and to urge them to be involved in the events of our times.

His unlimited sources are legendary and make The Salem News a staple and requirement to keep informed. From national to state to local affairs, he has made a difference in so many lives. ...

We have not always agreed over the years, but his true faith to professional journalism over the years has made all of his readers ... better-informed. Now more than ever, we need professional journalism that challenges us to seek the truth beyond the Twitters that leave more questions than answers. So I am looking forward to the rich tradition of Nelson’s column on Friday, to read the rest of the story. Thank you, Nelson.

Thomas H. Furey