, Salem, MA

October 2, 2012

Letter: Open space makes Beverly great

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

The Community Preservation Act will be Question 4 on the Nov. 6 ballot in Beverly. By voting yes on 4, Beverly citizens can make a difference in the kind of place Beverly is and will be in the future.

Beverly is a place rich in natural beauty: we enjoy protected waterfront parks like Lynch and Independence Parks; quiet woodlands, like Sally Milligan Park and the J.C. Phillips Nature Preserve, where we can go for peace and tranquility; and paths inviting us to “Please Enjoy this Public Way.” We can thank past Beverly citizens who had the good sense and foresight to preserve these places that so define our city.

The last time the city of Beverly made an open space purchase was in 2002. That was to acquire the large parcel next to Sally Milligan Park. In the meantime, we have all had the experience of learning about projects that will change a familiar landscape forever — perhaps a woodland or meadow that we thought would always be there. One day, you round a bend, and the trees in the woodland have all been cut down, and the meadow has been bulldozed.

We can do better in Beverly, but we need better tools. One of these tools is the Community Preservation Act, which creates a dedicated fund for open space protection, along with historic preservation, housing that is reasonably priced, and recreation.

Our parks and open spaces are what make Beverly a great place to live. They are why many of us have stayed here or have chosen Beverly as our home.

What kind of place will we leave for future generations? We have a chance to adopt a powerful tool to preserve Beverly’s open spaces by voting yes on Question 4 to adopt the Community Preservation Act in Beverly.

Marilyn McCrory