, Salem, MA

October 2, 2012

Letter: Tierney's Medicare falsehoods

The Salem News

---- — To the editor:

John Tierney would have you believe that the incredibly false information he expresses about Medicare and Obamacare can be verified by “nonpartisan” organizations like CNN, Time magazine and The Boston Globe. When were any of these groups nonpartisan? This preposterous claim comes from a man who has been our representative in Congress for eight terms and is looking to represent us for another term. We are not as naive as you think we are, John.

Here are some comments from an article in Forbes that Mr. Tierney may not want you to know:

Obamacare emphasizes government control and central planning. The law gives a panel of 15 unelected government officials, called the Independent Payment Advisory Board, the authority to make changes to Medicare that will reduce Medicare spending. Doctors and hospitals will be paid less just like with Medicaid. Over time, liberal health policies provide that IPAB can be used to introduce rationing into Medicare. The panel will determine what types of procedures and treatments that Medicare will and will not pay for.

That is what Sarah Palin was talking about. I guess she was right.

Here is a little detail about this group of unelected individuals who will be appointed to this board. From the Cato Institute: ObamaCare's Independent Payment Advisory Board may be the most unconstitutional measure ever to pass Congress, detailing the creation of a super-legislature that empowers unelected bureaucrats to make laws and impose taxes free of any meaningful oversight.

Mr. Tierney cites AARP and the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare as more credible sources to prove his fairy tales. This committee is dedicated to providing money to elect Democrats and to prevent changes in Medicare. The AARP is the biggest fraud that ever entered the lives of seniors. They have everything to gain if Obamacare is upheld. They will be one of the agencies that seniors will be forced to use for health care.

Any Republican plans to change Medicare are to preserve it for the future. Mr. Tierney knows full well that any proposals from Republicans for vouchers or privatizing are strictly voluntary. Seniors 55 and older will not be affected by these proposals. There’s only one presidential candidate in 2012 who has cut Medicare: Barack Obama, whose Obamacare cuts Medicare by $716 billion from 2013 to 2022.

There is a substantial difference between the Romney/Ryan approach — which attempts to reform Medicare in order to preserve the program’s own solvency for future beneficiaries — and the Obamacare approach, which draws $716 billion out of Medicare in order to fund a large expansion of government-subsidized health insurance.

A Romney-Ryan Administration will restore the funding to Medicare, ensure that no changes are made to the program for those 55 or older, and implement the reforms that they have proposed to strengthen it for future generations.

So, I say to Mr. Tierney: Stop trying to scare seniors with your malicious falsehoods. You voted for Obamacare without reading it, and you are stuck with that decision. You have also told seniors that no matter what, they would be able to keep their present insurance plans. You have not told the truth, Mr. Tierney. I am a senior who has already lost my Medicare Advantage plan and had to go looking for another.

Time to move on and elect someone who will be responsive to his constituents. This district needs real representation and a real change. I believe Richard Tisei will do a better job in Congress.

Gail Burke