, Salem, MA


February 2, 2012

Belichick and Brady: A football marriage


Edwards has reminded Belichick, Brady and the Patriots from time to time that he played a role in the success of the team over the last 11 seasons.

"Remember, it was our guy that knocked Bledsoe out of the game and opened the door for Brady," said Edwards. Edwards was talking about former Jets linebacker Mo Lewis, who knocked Bledsoe out of action as he tried to run out of bounds in September of 2001.

Are Brady and Belichick the best ever?

"That's a tough thing to say," Edwards said. "When my father was asked about serving in World War II and all of the great soldiers, he'd say, 'You know, there was a World War I. There were some pretty good soldiers there, too.'

"Belichick didn't invent football. And we don't know about some of the great stars before the NFL was on the map. I will say this ... In this era, nobody has been better than these two."

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