, Salem, MA


November 4, 2012

Brown, Warren make final push


“We can decide who controls the United States Senate. This race is about that,” Kerry said. “I need a partner in the United States Senate who’s going to stand up and fight for the agenda of Barack Obama.”

Warren, like Brown, offered a summation of her campaign pledging to be a strong voice for Massachusetts and faulting Brown for holding tax cuts for the middle class hostage to tax cuts for millionaires and for protecting the interests of oil companies.

“Me, I don’t want to go to Washington to work for those guys. They’re doing fine,” Warren said. “I want to go to Washington to work for middle-class families. I want to go to Washington to fight for people who want to work.”

Both candidates stressed the need to get their supporters to the polls tomorrow.

Warren told her backers to keep working until the very end.

“This isn’t my campaign. This from the very beginning has been our campaign,” she said. “We’re down to the end here. I can’t do this one by myself. I promise you when I go to Washington I’ll have your back, but you’ve got to have my back.”

Brown echoed that sentiment.

“I’m asking you to go on one final mission,” Brown said, urging his backers to cast ballots and to reach out to their friends and neighbors through Facebook, Twitter or by knocking on doors. “This is all about getting out the vote. I know it. They know it.”

Brown also called his supporters a “people’s army defending the people’s seat” and said “if you’re an attorney we need you at the polls to make sure everything’s going to be OK.”

The race remains tight, a poll released yesterday showed.

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