, Salem, MA

April 4, 2014

Postgame quotes from Carter-Williams and the Sixers

Matt Jenkins
The Salem News

---- — BOSTON — Hamilton's Michael Carter-Williams played his second professional game in Boston last night against the Celtics and powered the Philadelphia 76ers to a 111-102 win at TD Garden.

Carter Williams scored 24 points, grabbed six rebounds and handed out six assists to lead the way.

Here's what members of the Sixers were saying after the game:

Carter-Williams on Philly being able to close out the game:

"Earlier in the (fourth) quarter I made some key mistakes to give up the lead a little bit, so I just wanted to make up for those mistakes and I was just trying to make hustle plays. Then, down the stretch me and Thad were really working together and he made some great plays. He had an open jump shot and knocked it down, and he had a tip at the end. He made some big plays."

Philadelphia 76ers coach Brett Brown, on Carter-Williams making up for a turnover that led to a Phil Pressey dunk early in the fourth:

"It's interesting because he was picked on and scored on himself, and there's a pride element that comes in to all great players that, you know, you want to go back at the guy and how you do that is an interesting decision. Michael tried to get him (Pressey) and he was successful, and he kept going at (the Celtics) and him, and there was that period where the game was kind of funny and he grabbed it. I think it was born out of him getting stripped at halfcourt for the breakaway dunk."

Young on MCW's strong fourth quarter:

"Definitely (shows what he's capable of). Like I just said, all season long he's been great for us. He's exceeded all expectations, going above and beyond. He's been great for us. He's going to continue to be great. He's learning as he's going and he's incorporating each and every thing we try to teach him into his game. He's learning where to pick apart defenses and where to take his shots from. I think tonight the biggest thing was he took advantage of all the smaller guards that were on him."

Carter-Williams on helping his team get the win:

"We really wanted this win. I think it's a great win for us and as a leader son this team and the freedom I have to take shots, I'm going to be expected to make some -- and tonight that's what I did."

Carter-Williams on the nerves he has playing in front of a hometown crowd:

"There's definitely some butterflies. Everyone is out here watching you, my family and friends, so definitely there were some butterflies. Once the game starts, I'm good. I block everything out and just play."

Carter-Williams on being 2-0 in his rookie season in Boston:

"It feels great. It's awesome. I'm really happy about it."