, Salem, MA

October 17, 2012

Catching Up With: Masco's Jake Moorman

By Dan Harrison


Age: 17

High school: Masconomet

Year in school: Senior

Sport: Cross Country

Position: Co-Captain

It’s getting colder here on the North Shore, does that bother you when you run? Not really. It actually tends to help sometimes in getting out the humidity. It helps us, but it’s a bittersweet kind of thing.

Masco wrapped up its regular season on Monday with a 9-1 record. What’s been the team’s secret to success? It’s really just hard work and devotion to the sport. Everyone is always there at practice and everyone is willing to participate in the workouts and push as hard as they can go.

This weekend three Chieftains, including yourself, crossed the finish line together in first place. Is that something you guys have done a lot this year? Yeah. We always work together during races. For some we won’t be able to because of the tougher competition, but for the most part we’re at the skill level where we can finish at roughly the same time.

Personally, how would you rank your performance this season? There were a couple meets that I knew I could see improvements from last year. Against Hamilton-Wenham I ran my best home time and I also ran my fastest 5K time (also this year) so I know I’ve improved over last year.

That time put you tied for fourth all-time for the home course record. Was that your best run in high school? I’d say that is probably the one that stands out most as far as it’s easier to compare times on the home course in order to see improvement.

How does it feel to be in the Masco record books? It’s a great feeling obviously. I know my hard work paid off and I

have something to show for it I guess.

How long until the post season starts? We have CAL’s coming up in two Saturdays and then States a week and a half after. Hopefully, we are shooting for All States which would be another week after that. We still have a ways to go.

How do you keep yourself fresh? It’s a lot about rest really. With every bit of hard work we do, we have to have a bit of rest to let the muscles recuperate and a lot of it is being mentally ready for every race.

What’s the biggest difference between the regular season meets and the post season meets? Obviously the team gets a lot smaller after CAL’s, you only have the top seven runners. The training is more regulated because we don’t have meets in the middle of the week. We are able to push ourselves as hard as we can because we know we only have so many weeks left and we won’t be tiring ourselves out down the road.

Have you decided on plans for next year? Still working on it right now. I’ve been emailing some coaches, but I haven’t solidified on any colleges yet.

COMING UP NEXT: Moorman and his Masconomet teammates don’t run again until the Cape Ann League Championship meet on October 27 at Bradley Palmer State Park.

— Dan Harrison