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In his first week on the campaign trail as a presidential candidate, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis repeatedly hit his chief rival, Donald Trump, from the right. DeSantis told a conservative radio host, “This is a different guy than 2015, 2016." Meanwhile, Trump has repeatedly attacked DeSantis from the left, suggesting Florida’s new six-week abortion ban is “too harsh” and arguing DeSantis’ votes to cut Social Security and Medicare in Congress will make him unelectable in a general election. The attacks underscore the underlying early dynamic of the race: As DeSantis tries to win over GOP primary voters and chip away at Trump’s commanding lead, Trump is trying to pivot to the general election.

An enormous anti-government march is taking place in Warsaw. Poles traveled from across the country to voice their anger Sunday at a right-wing government that has eroded democratic norms. Warsaw City Hall hall estimated that up to a half-million people took part. The march is being held on the 34th anniversary of the first democratic elections in 1989 after Poland emerged from decades of communist rule. Critics argue that a recently passed law that would allow a commission to investigate Russian influence in Poland will be used by the ruling party to remove opposition party leader and former Prime Minister Donald Tusk and other rivals from public life.

China has tightened access to Tiananmen Square in central Beijing on the anniversary of 1989 pro-democracy protests. In Hong Kong, which had been the last Chinese-controlled territory to hold commemorations, police detained at least 24 people around Victoria Park on Saturday and Sunday. The large public space used to be the scene of an annual candlelight gathering to remember the hundreds or thousands killed when army tanks and infantry descended on central Beijing on the night of June 3 and into the morning of June 4, 1989. Discussion of the events has long been suppressed in China and became increasingly off-limits in Hong Kong since a sweeping national security law was imposed in June 2020.

Apple appears poised to unveil a long-rumored headset that will place its users between the virtual and real world. The headset will also serve to test the technology trendsetter’s ability to popularize new-fangled devices after others failed to capture the public’s imagination. The stage is set for the widely anticipated announcement be be made Monday at Apple’s annual developers conference. Apple is also likely discuss other products and software during the event. But the show's star is expected to be a pair of goggles that could become another milestone in Apple's lore of releasing game-changing technology, even though the company wasn’t always the first to try its hand at making a particular device

Defenders of Ukraine's city of Bakhmut are keeping up the pressure even though Russian forces declared victory there after the longest, deadliest battle of the war so far. The ongoing defense gives commanders in Moscow another thing to think about ahead of an anticipated Ukrainian counteroffensive. Ukraine's deputy defense minister said artillery shelling continues at levels similar to those at the height of the nine-month fight over the city. She says the battle is evolving into a new phase. Ukrainian defenders still control the western fringes of Bakhmut. From the Kremlin’s perspective, the area around the city is part of the more than 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) front line that the Russian military must hold.

Authorities say a store owner in South Carolina charged with murder this week after shooting a 14-year-old boy he wrongly thought stole water has shot at suspected shoplifters two other times in the past eight years and not faced charges. Richland County deputies say 58-year-old Rick Chow got in a fight with a shoplifter in 2018 and shot the man in the leg. They say in 2015, a suspected shoplifter got in a car after Chow tried to stop him, and Chow fired several shots at the vehicle after the suspect threatened to shoot him. Chow's lawyer has not commented on Monday's murder charge or the other shootings.