ic Pimentel won three Emmys before becoming that dog guy, exercising with as many as 15 dogs across from Masconomet High School. Here, he walks through his 5 acres with, from left, his dogs Keegan and Mattie, and client dogs Joe (obscured), Bark-a-lee, Tawny and Leo.

BOXFORD -- When drivers spot Vic Pimentel surrounded by a dozen dogs and awful weather, they should know he's simply in his element. The weather comes with the territory | about 5 acres of land across from Masconomet Regional High School | but the dogs are giving him the best job he could ever have.

"I spend my day with 10 to 15 beings that smile all day," explains Pimentel, who spent 20 years on the road in the television business and won three Emmys. "The rush of 15 dogs just taking off up the hill is just something. And then, individually, they just circle back and check in with me."

Those check-ins always involve a pat and an exchange of love. On the coldest days, Pimentel loved it when a big English bull mastiff leaned against him, sharing warmth.

Pimentel, in return, is happy he could convert his Boxford home of 18 years into the Dog Gone Run'n Farm, which opened last summer. He runs the show with his wife, Louanne Blackburn, a lifelong resident of the area.

The farm is overseen by a dog statue on a hillock, while a painted dog on a mailbox greets visitors. His own dogs | Mattie, a golden retriever trained to rescue people, and Keegan, an Australian cattle dog rescued by people | bound alongside him and play with clients' pets.

"This is the best job in the world," he said. "The commute kills me | I gotta walk what, 20 yards? And I have happy clients, and the parents are happy. It just takes one dog to pick me up."

Pimentel has no regrets about his former life in television, which kept him on the road almost constantly. Now, he's happy just throwing a ball around.

"I've gone to the dogs," he said.

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