A few extra winners in Week 5

Courtesy PhotoTrombly Motors Skip Trombly, of North Andover, on the left, is awarded his first-ever ÒI Beat BurtÓ T-shirt by executive sports editor Bill Burt. Skip has been playing for several years and won his first T-shirt last week.

I'm in a slump.

The Tennessee Titans and Atlanta Falcons have become my Detroit Lions of yesteryear. I can't pick them ... right or wrong.

I'm not alone. National Football League games are tougher to pick with home field and favorites not owning Sundays like they used to.

Six road underdogs won last weekend; seven road teams won. That's not the exception, but the rule.

Picking the Kansas City Chiefs is not a big deal, because only four entries picked the Indianapolis Colts. It's the those other games, like Buffalo over Tennessee or Arizona over Cincinnati, that ruined my week. And it's happened more than I'd like to admit in 2019.

How do we combat those inclinations going forward? If you (or I) pick favorites, you (or I) will lose ... because you're catching on. There are more coin flips, more upsets.

It's going to be an interesting Week 6, with six games in which the spread is three points or less. Those are six swing games.

As noted last week, when I struggle — which I did in Week 5, going 7-7 — the first tiebreaker, which is the Patriots point total, is tantamount. This past week all winning entries were within one point of the Patriots' 33 points. In fact, if anyone had at least nine correct selections and was within a point they won a T-shirt, which is why we have a few extra winners this week.

Week 5 winners

Lenny Small of Beverly

Debbie Kasabuski of Saugus

Peggy Pucillo of Peabody

Tony Harrington of Rockport

Kathy Silva of Gloucester

Gary Noyes of Wenham

Nick Lazarakis of Peabody

Pat Carroll of Topsfield

Tony Amenta of Beverly

Rich Zambella of Groveland

John Maher Jr. of Danvers

Dave Eaton of Peabody



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