Winning the "I Beat Burt" Contest, particularly the T-shirt, usually comes down to two things.

First, picking the first tiebreaker -- Patriots point total -- within a few points.

And, second, picking the right team in two or three tough games.

This week there are five tough games, maybe even six if you want to consider the Vikings, which are favored over Packers (4.5 points) on Monday night.

In the others, all with point spreads of three or fewer points, they might as well be be pick 'ems.

Houston is favored at Tampa Bay (1). New Orleans is favored at Tennesse (2.5), Washington is favored at home against the N.Y. Giants (2.5). Pittsburgh at home against the N.Y. Jets (3). And Miami, at home, over Cincinnati (2).

Let's be honest: all of those games are coin flips.

In fact, if you want to get technical, the Patriots are favored by 6.5 points over the Buffalo Bills and that game is no sure thing.

Enjoy the weekend. Get the quarter out of your pocket. And start flipping.

Burt has solid week

I lost five of the 15 games this past weekend. And, for the first time in a long time, I wouldn't have changed a pick.

All of my losses were legit upsets or semi-upsets.

I guess picking Detroit, which has cost me many losses this year, wasn't too smart being its starting quarterback, Matthew Stafford, is still out.

All of the the Week 15 winners had at least 11 wins and were within two points of the Patriots point total (34). There were two winners whom had 31 points, but they had 12 winners. The second tiebreaker is amount of correct selections.

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded. We awarded two extra T-shirts due to the amount of entries that had 11 wins and 31 points. 

Week 15 winners

Ed Gates of Peabody

Tony Amenta of Beverly

Frank Gawron of Beverly

Peggy Cook of Beverly

John Jwanowski of Peabody

Deborah Kasabuski of Saugus

Richard Sharp of Newbury

Peter Cook of Beverly

Bob Flynn of Danvers

Robert Aldenberg of Middleton

Arthur Ryan of Gloucester

Katherine Sweeney of Newburyport

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