Kathy Murphy is not only back in the "I Beat Burt" winner's circle in 2017, but she's there with a big smile.

Murphy, who turns 67 today, had a perfect week last month, going 12-for-12, the best week of picking games she's ever had.

While Murphy loves the Patriots, she loves Notre Dame even more.

"I love college football," said the Hampstead, N.H. resident who is married with a son, Sean R. Murphy, who is a policeman. "I do watch the pros, really the Patriots, but mostly because I have basic cable and only the big games are on. And the Patriots."

Murphy is retired from United Electic Controls. She is formerly of Watertown, but has been in southern N.H. for a decade now.

She was a pretty good athlete, in her day (class of 1968 at Watertown High), having played basketball, field hockey, gymnastics and softball.

A typical Sunday for Murphy goes like this: "I walk my dog Amber and wait until noon to watch the reports. Then I get ready with snacks and coffee. I really love it and look forward to seeing how many games I get right."

Like a lot of Patriots loyalists, she picks the Patriots every week. Of course, she is correct about 14 times per year.

"I was a little disappointed at the slow start and the key injuries," she said. "But they always seem to find a way to win. How long is this going to continue? I don't know. But I love watching them every weekend."

Big points for Pats

The first tiebreaker -- Patriots point total (41) -- grew in importance this past week because I "only" had nine winners out of the 13 games.

With 54 entries having 10 or more correct picks, you had to be on your game predicting the Patriots offense would score big on the Denver Broncos tough defense.

Only one winning entry had 40 points. The others were all within seven points. The second tiebreaker (amount of correct selections) was needed.

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded.

Week 10 winners:

Ed Campbell of Newburyport

Greg Waldrop of Peabody

Vincentabramo of Salem

Cheryl Puccio of Wilmington

David Frederick of Danvers

Jim Hennessey of Salem

Fred Joyce of Topsfield

Edwin Crovetti of Amesbury

Carol Falcone of Gloucester

Robert Smith of Salisbury






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