Butler's interception and the night the power went out

Arlene Lennon, on left, and husband, Ed, of Methuen, are long-time players of the "I Beat Burt" Contest. Here both show of their winning shirts over the last two years. 

What do you do when you and your wife are watching TV in the family room and the power goes out?

You probably look outside, check the neighbors homes to see if it's the entire street, then maybe call the power company to alert them of outage.

Or you do what the Lennons did on Feb. 1, 2015. Run outside to the car.

E.J. and Arlene Lennon, which reside in Methuen, have been big-time football fans for a few decades, spending Sundays together watching Patriots games and other matchups.

On this day, it was the Super Bowl, New England versus Seattle, and the fourth quarter just started as the Patriots were down 10 points.

"We ended up losing most of the fourth quarter running around trying to find the game and then ended up running out to the car in the driveway," said E.J. "We put the game on radio, blasted the heat, and listened to the game."

At one point, as the game was in the final minute, they noticed the lights came back on.

"The power came on and we rushed, which isn't easy at our age," said E.J., 65 years old. "We got back into the house just in time to see Malcolm Butler intercept the ball. We went absolutely crazy, jumping up and down, and screaming. It made for a very memorable Super Bowl."

E.J. works as a technical writer and Arlene as an office administrator. They don't have any children, but do have a dog, Billy Ray.

"We love picking games every week," he said. "We both do a lot of homework. It keeps our competitive juices flowing. The fact the Patriots are great, and have been for 17 years, makes it even better." 


Only five 'beat' Burt

Somebody is on a bit of a roll. Yup. You're reading him right now. 

A week ago, I got 14 of 15, and none of the 178 entries won a T-shirt. Well it didn't get much better on Week 14, as only five entries picked more winners than me (10) on what was a very tough week.

Six road teams and seven underdogs won this weekend, including the Dolphins. Only one entry picked Miami to beat the Patriots.

Each week a maximum of 10 T-shirts are awarded. The first tiebreaker is the Patriots point total. The second tiebreaker is amount of correct selections.


Week 14 winners

Pete Ahlers of Magnolia

John Apostolides of Peabody

Barbara Blaikie of Newburyport

Paul Wells of Swampscott

Daniel Grayton of Methuen









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