From Tennessee with love ... of winning

Stephanie and Doug Subocz, of Ocoee, Tenn., are friends with a local New Hampshire family and got hooked on the contest a few years ago. And, as you can tell, they've won a few times.

Doug and Stephanie Subocz and their daughters came to visit his wife Stephanie parents, Peter and Patricia Archibald, in East Hampstead, N.H. a few years ago.

They left with some great memories.

They also left with something else: A passion for the "I Beat Burt" contest.

The Ocoee, Tenn. residents, who have one grandson (Parker), have always loved pro football, but never enough to play in any fantasy leagues. But Doug, a native of Northampton, Mass. and a retired U.S. Coast Guard captain and currently a consultant for the Coast Guard, says their weekends usually revolve around their grandson and, well, picking games.

"(My in-laws) have been playing the contest for years," said Doug. "They introduced us to the contest and we have been in love with it. We have a big, internal family competition. To be honest, in terms of T-shirts and total number of games picked correctly, I believe Patricia is the All-Star of the group>

Doug was a three-sport athlete in high school and pro football is his favorite. He and wife Stephanie's three daughters are Debbie (26), Jenny (24) and Emily (20).

"I've been a football fan all my life," said Doug. "My dad (now deceased) was a huge New York Giants fan. He brainwashed my brothers and I into being Giants fans. It's been a tough year so far. Although not my number one team, I have always cheered for the Pats."

As for picking games each week, his personal philosophy is picking hot teams and monitoring the injury reports.

 "When it comes to picking, I have no allegiance to the Pats, Titans or Giants," he said. "Let's just say my father-in-aw and I 'compete' head-to-head each week, so in some ways, the picks are more important than team allegiance."


Coin flip

Seven road teams won this weekend of the 13 games played. Eight underdogs won.

Get used to it. It's now part of the NFL lexicon.

Only 29 entries picked more winners than losers.

I was one of them, picking seven winners. There were only 14 entries that picked more, all of them only picked one more winner.

It's basically coming down to a coin flip each week as this NFL season seems to be getting more confusing each week. Usually, by this team, we know who the eight playoff contenders are in each conference. Your guess, though, is as good as mine in 2017.

Each of this week's 10 T-shirt winners had eight winners and didn't go over 38 points for the Patriots (the first tie-breaker).


Week 6 winners:

Unree Poellnitz of Peabody

Charlie Sforza of Byfield

Arlene Solomon of Hampstead, N.H.

Oliver T. Cook of Beverly

Mark Penta of Haverhill

Ralph Faiola of Gloucester

Gizza Pearson of Beverly

Cassie Dorman of Lynnfield

Tom Mackie of Amesbury

Terri Barnes of Danvers


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