Pats weren't the only ones who struggled

Bill Burt and New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady had the same feeling this week. They were not good.  (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

Tough week in the pro football?

More than half of the entries this week picked fewer winners than losers of the 13 games.

And only four of the 201 entries picked Tennessee to actually beat the Patriots.

I had a very tough week, picking only five winners.

Remember my "Upset of the Week"? I had Cincinnati over New Orleans. Smart picking against the leading favorite to win the Super Bowl.

It was that kind of week. I will say I didn't feel great about the Patriots, but couldn't pick a "9-7" team like the Titans in November over the Patriots.

These weeks aren't supposed to happen this late into the season. In fact, I've been on a little roll the last six weeks, but the craziness and unpredictability of the NFL caught up with me.

The Patriots are off this week. But Week 11 appears tougher than this past one, with nine games having point spreads of four points or less.

All of the Week 10 T-shirt winners had the Patriots scoring 24 points or less. By the way, I did have the Patriots scoring 24 points.

Week 10 winners

Pete Ahlers of Magnolia

Jim Brown of Merrimac

Elizabeth Tremblay of Salem

Barbara St. Pierre of Salem

Paul Snell of Danvers

Robert  Luscinski of Georgetown

Christina Crovetti of Amesbury

Lynn Collins of Newton, N.H.

Paul Lawson of Gloucester

Michael Thistle of Peabody


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