Peabody man has perfect week in contest

Nick Lazarakis, of Peabody, has been playing the "I Beat Burt" contest for four-plus years and recently copped his third sports tech T-shirt.

Nick Lazarakis won his third "I Beat Burt" T-shirt in four-plus years of playing the contest.

But this one, in Week 2, is a little extra special.

Lazarakis, of Peabody, got all 15 games right. Yup, he was perfect.

His secret? 

"I always pick the Patriots regardless of the opponent," he said. "I pretty much pick who I would root for."

Lazarakis says he treats Sundays in the fall and early winter like he treats Sundays the rest of the year.

Except two things:

One, three-plus hours are carved out for New England Patriots games.

And two, no cell phones.

The 1962 graduate of Peabody High, who recently celebrated his 50th reunion with classmates, is a bonafide, passionate Patriots fan. It apparently runs in the family, which includes his wife, Karen, his son David (of Haverhill), a golf pro at Salem Country Club, his daughter Kirstie (of St. Augustine, Fla.), and his two granddaughters, Julie (13) and Allison (6).

"Everybody in the family is a big fan," said the 72-year-old Lazarakis, who retired 18 months ago as a Design Engineer/Program Manager for Draper Lab working on Navy Guidance Systems for submarine fleet ballistic missiles.

Well, there is one renegade in the family, albeit understandable. Lazarakis' son-in-law, Edward, a native of north Florida. He apparently loves the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"He's a big anti-Patriots fan and anti-Tom Brady fan," said Lazarakis, who played golf at Peabody High. "He's just jealous."

Lazarakis said he's been playing the contest for four-plus years and pretty much has an easy time picking the games every weekend.


Big week for Burt

There are bad weeks and good weeks. And then there are very good weeks like Week 2.

I had 12 of the 15 games correctly pegged, missing the Monday night game in the Meadowlands from getting 13 wins.

While it was a relatively "easy" week, with 11 favorites winning. I picked only one upset, the Redkins over the Rams, and won that, which usually means a very good week. 

Most entries have one to two upsets (some more). You lose those, well, you're not winning a T-shirt.

This week there were 187 entries and only 11 picked more winners than Burt. All of the winners will be given T-shirts.

By the way, Week 3 is going to be very, very tough with a lot of close games and home underdogs. 


******Breakout box

Week 2 winners

Nick Lazarakis of Peabody

Jack Maxner of Beverly

Richard Sharp of Newbury

Jeffrey McKeen of Rowley

Bob Flynn of Danvers

Tony Amenta of Beverly

Patrick Sears of Danvers

John Morrissey of Merrimac

Michael Alexander of Amesbury

Sol Eskenazi of Peabody

Ed Campbell of Newburyport



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