A Vikings problem in 2021

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Justin Jefferson (18) celebrates with teammate Dede Westbrook (12) after catching a touchdown during Sunday’s win over the archrival Green Bay Packers. Bill Burt says the Vikings are among three teams tough to pick in 2021.

If you have figured out the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals please send me a note and let me know the secret to picking them.

I have no idea.

These three teams have been an enigma for me and a lot of people picking games.

It’s normal for one team. Before 2021, the Detroit Lions, for me, as bad as they have been over the years, have been hard to figure out.

And if you want to get technical, there are 15 teams bunched between records of 4-6 and 6-4. That’s nearly half the league.

In Week 11, I had another pretty good week, on the right side of a few, tough games – Arizona, L.A. Chargers and Washington.

I had nine winners in 14 games, which in 2021 is pretty darn good. In past years, 10 or 11 winners was good. Not now.

Only 22 entries out of 352 picked more winners than I did.

The first tiebreaker was the Kansas City Chiefs point total (19) as the Patriots played on Thursday night. All winners had 27 points or fewer.

Week 11 winners

Richard E Sharp of Newbury

Cedric Lowe of Gloucester

Ron MacIntyre of Essex

Sal Gilardi of Gloucester

Bill Griffith of Naples, Fl.

Steve Mitchell of Gloucester

John Maher of Danvers

Maura Moore of Newbury

Charlie Sforza of Byfield

Michael Patil of Gloucester

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