Upsets, underdogs, road teams steal the spotlight in Week 4

MARY SCHWLAM/Staff photo A new tech t-shirt is available for a limited time for the "I beat burt" contest. ORG XMIT: ne625z77

Week 4 might seem like an anomaly, not a typical week of picking games. Well I’ve got some news for you. It is the new norm.

The NFL is officially a crap-shoot. And I’m not talking odds. I’m talking the difference between winning and losing.

A few months ago, we were arguing over of the Patriots possibly going 19-0. Right now, 9-7 is more of a probability than the typical 14-2 and 13-3 finishes we’ve become accustomed to.

But the Patriots are not the only team looking so-so. Dallas, Pittsburgh, Oakland and Seattle, all Super Bowl contenders a month ago, look as bad, if not worse than your Patriots.

Eight road teams won. Seven underdogs won. The week before was the same things.

How about this week? Eight games within three points. Eight! You know what that means? Get the coin out and start flipping.

I’m guessing this was Pete Rozelle’s dream when he changed the NFL Draft and scheduling so that better teams would not only draft lower but play a much harder schedule (Division winners face division winners in the same conference). 

The NFL hierarchy usually is in full force by Week 4, but that is not the case. Only one team is undefeated, the Kansas City Chiefs, and are they really even very good?

It means you and I had better do our homework ... with a coin in tow.

As for Week 4, which is now in the books, I struggled to only seven wins of the 15 games, which makes two weeks in a row under .500.

I was not alone this week, with more 60 percent of the entries having seven or less correct selections.

Each of this week’s T-shirt winners were within one point of the Patriots point total (30). And the second tiebreaker (amount of correct selections) was needed for those who were at one point away. All had at least nine correct selections.

Week 4 winners

Armand Boucher of Methuen

Sal Gilardi of Gloucester

Joel Conner of Haverhill

Paul Doherty of Lynn

Joshua Rodriguez of Methuen

Mark Welch of Methuen

Glenn Coffin of West Newbury

Jeffrey O’Willis of Lynn

Peter Slerry of Beverly

Dan Howell of Methuen

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