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Tracking COVID-19

Total COVID-19 cases

Cases confirmed, 5,952,145
Deaths, 365,535
Recovered, 2,516,951
United States
Cases confirmed, 1,747,087
Deaths, 102,836
Recovered, 406,446
Cases confirmed, 95,512
Deaths, 6,718
Essex County
Cases confirmed, 13,994
Deaths, 906

Sources: Johns Hopkins University COVID 19 Tracking Dashboard and Mass. Department of Public Health

Coronavirus latest news


Dr. Anthony Fauci says the coronavirus is under better control in the United States, but the pandemic isn't over. The nation's top infectious disease expert told The Associated Press that the country is “in a different moment” of the pandemic. After what he calls a phase where COVID-19 cases were explosive, the U.S. is transitioning to better control. Cases are at a lower point than they've been in months but contagious variants are still spreading. Fauci says more work must be done. His comments came a day after he told the PBS “NewsHour” that the U.S. was “out of the pandemic phase.” They reflect how health officials are wrestling with keeping cases and hospitalizations manageable amid an unpredictable virus.

SALEM — The city’s Chamber of Commerce is asking Salem health leaders to look at the Witch City’s status as an island on the North Shore — the one place where a vaccine mandate remains in effect to enter certain businesses — and to consider whether it’s necessary with the arrival of February.


BEVERLY — An attempt at discussing mask and vaccine mandates ended before it even began Tuesday afternoon, with members of the public taking over and preventing an attempt to call a Beverly Board of Public Health meeting to order.

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