From her first meeting with sellers Beryl and Sydney Bloor, J Barrett & Company Realtor Holly Baldassare was impressed. Having already been through the process with their first home in Huntington, N.Y. more than 20 years prior, the couple understood the advantage of hiring a real estate professional as well as the benefit of taking a logical approach to pricing. Within three days of its first showing, they received multiple competitive offers, all well over asking. According to Baldassare, when a home is over-valued, it can actually deliver the opposite effect

“When I initially sat down with this wonderful couple, I gave them a ‘low/high range’. Unlike most sellers, they opted for the lowest because they felt it was the most realistic. We hit the ground running and now have a pending sale just shy of 5.5% above the list price. The market really dictates value so if a home is priced correctly and practically, it will sell,” she says. “Today’s home buyers are smart. They take notice of ‘days on the market’ and ‘price reductions’.”


As evidence of the Bloors’ successes, Baldassare believes in the magic formula of “Aligning with a Professional = A Realistic Price” works wonders in obtaining the highest sale price possible. While in full agreement, her very satisfied sellers feel there is still a little more to it.


“We would never have dreamed of selling on our own but what we didn’t know was how much we would adore Holly (Baldassare). We would recommend her to anyone,” says Beryl Bloor. “We had an open house on Thursday and by Sunday we had multiple strong offers, including one that came along with a darling letter from their 10 year old who promised to care for our lovely birds and wildlife. How could we not sell to them? In the end, a perfect agent will be the one who will find you the perfect buyer.”


Baldassare adds, “After almost ten years of working in real estate, I have become fully aware of the fact that the majority of sellers will go with the higher number because they are naturally attached to their home. However, it is the people who understand the true value of that home from the start who will be the ones with the most successful transaction. It also can be the more lucrative tactic. When done right, this is the perfect recipe for everyone.”

Should you be in need of advice or are looking for assistance in selling your home, call Holly Baldassare at 781-492-2167. She may also be reached by email at .



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