To the editor:

I am writing this to make my position known regarding the Depot 2 project.  I have attended a couple of the Planning Board meetings and it is apparent that a significant number of my fellow Beverly residents are not in favor of this project.  My personal opinion is that it is too vast, does not meet the zoning requirements and will continue to add to the infrastructure strain.  We continue to add more people on top of a limited footprint, therefore adding strain to water, sewer, EMT, electricity and streets -- to name a few of the public services.

Moreover, the developer presentations are insulting in their simplicity. Forty-five minutes to describe the aesthetics of brick colors?  Let's not forget the developer is not our friend. They are not engaged in this project to benefit the city. Their understanding of affordable housing is either seriously flawed or they are intentionally misleading. They are not benevolent. Their existence is to make a profit and I as a businessman I respect that.  But this is not the project.

There is clear and loud voice of unrelenting opposition. I am one of those voices. The Planning Board and the mayor are responsible to the citizens of this city, not a developer.

I am confident that they will do what is best for the city.  We are watching.

Mark R. Robinson


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