[Coverage Developing] Massachusetts gets an annual budget Wednesday that's one month late and Beacon Hill officials are at risk of missing another deadline that could bring harness racing and simulcast wagering to a halt on Thursday.

The first, seven-month leg of the 2019-2020 session is also coming to a close Wednesday without action on two major issues flagged as priorities by people on Beacon Hill and across Massachusetts: housing production and a K-12 education funding bill.

"At what point does 'we’re working on it' become justice delayed and denied? This legislation isn't new," Sen. Sonia Chang-Diaz, the sponsor of a funding reform bill and a co-chair of the 2015 Foundation Budget Review Commission, said in a statement. "The Senate has passed the full FBRC recommendations five separate times, the Joint Education Committee unanimously voted to recommend them last session, and the budget was passed just last week with funding for a first year phase-in of the full recommendations. The Legislature has had nearly four years to consider the recommendations — that's half a kid's elementary school years. There's no good reason that students will go back to school with no foundation funding plan in place."

~ Michael P. Norton/SHNS