Dear Dog Lady, 

Good morning. I have just read your column and have a different slant on the woman who walks with the friend who refuses to pick up after her dog. I cannot imagine even continuing to walk with her and her dog.

I would tell her I would meet her socially without the dogs, but until she picks up after her dog, I won’t walk with her and her dog. Sorry, but it’s the way I feel as a dog owner.

I don’t even like walking my dog alone and seeing that someone has left behind dog feces without picking up. And that person is nowhere to be seen.

Picking up after your dog is a matter of respect for the environment; leaving it behind is downright disgusting. 


A: Thank you for your letter, which is a great topic to start the new year — even if you disagree with the milder advice that Dog Lady dispensed on dealing with a walking friend who does not pick up after her dog.

Actually, Dog Lady realizes that her initial response should have been stronger and likes your “take no prisoners” approach to the topic.

Dog Lady would only add this: Pick up always, and always pick up with a biodegradable bag so we don’t litter the planet with dog poop wrapped in plastic. Dog Lady uses BioBags, a very good degradable bag brand available in pet stores and online.


Dear Dog Lady, 

My parents have a Shih-poo (a cross between a poodle and a Shih Tzu) that has these bumps on her. The vet says these are veins that burst. This doesn’t seem right. These bumps are small and circular, and they break open and bleed.

She is groomed regularly, and they have tried switching her food thinking that is it. She is also one of those dogs that are dander-less. My parents do give her human food once in a while.

Any thoughts on what this may be? 


A: If you have to write “Ask Dog Lady” about bleeding bumps on a cute little dog, you are barking up the wrong tree. Dog Lady is not a dog doctor, nor does she play one in any medium.

You need to steer your parents to a new veterinarian, pronto. Also, tell them to stop giving human food immediately. Find dog food that is hypoallergenic. Dog Lady recommends two brands: Solid Gold and Newman’s Own Organics. There are others, of course, but these two are dependably good.

This little dog needs an intervention. You’re in a great position to help.


Dear Dog Lady,

The other day, I was sitting at Starbucks and overheard a woman urging her friend to “walk your inner dog.” That got me thinking. Do all of us have inner dogs? If so, what are they telling us? 


A: Naturally, we all have inner dogs. (C’mon, what else would Dog Lady say?)

These inner dogs tell us to finish everything in our bowl, sniff out possibilities, leap at the moment and leave our mark all over the world. To “walk your inner dog” means to step out into the world confidently and happily, although “unleash your inner dog” sounds a more exultant note.

And this reminds Dog Lady to wish “Happy New Year” to all dear readers.

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