44 Conant St. #3: Mark Monastiero and Deanna Monastiero to Reed W. George, $210,900.

249 Maple St.: Pamela L. Costa and MERS to Deutsche Bank Natl T Co, $216,750.

416 Maple St. #1: FHLM to Parish Mozdzierz, $225,000.

38 Bayview Terrace #10: Debra A. Guinasso to John A. Flanagan, $150,000.

2 Hanson Road: Danversbank to Shelby LLC, $125,000.

104 Holten St.: FNMA to Charles Lafkas and Georgia Lafkas, $275,000.

38 Ledgewood Drive: Kevin M. Lyons and Leslie A. Lyons to Kevin Michaud, $580,000.

175 Maple St. #1: Cris Invest LLC to Scott E. Lawson, $240,000.

175 Maple St. #1: Amanda M. Stanley and US Bk to Cris Investments LLC, $161,000.

180 Maple St. #B: Michael J. Chouinard and Boston Five Cents SB to Prop Acquisition Grp LLC, $119,000.

35 Abington Road #35: Tina Chase and Tina Provencher to Janice Larochelle, $260,000.

122 Centre St.: Mary Rose Ciarametaro to Donald W. Spencer and Erik W. Spencer, $200,000.

40 Collins St. #B: James A. Moroney and Rebecca Moroney to Mary Buckley, $242,300.

47 Collins St. #149: William C. Demmons to Peter J. Walton and Maureen E. Walton, $273,000.

37 Constitution Lane #60: Nancy E. Otovic to Dana C. Brundage and Sandra R. Brundage, $300,000.

171 Hobart St.: Scott C. Sayce and Mary Jo Sayce to Dana K. Turgeon, $298,500.

9 Lakeview Ave.: Somes NT and Albert F. Somes to Demetrius P. Rizos and Susan P. Rizos, $605,000.

35 Locust St. #3: Paul B. Cutright to Sara J. Despres, $149,000.

204 Old Burley St.: Lorraine M. Ellis to Robert F. Ellis, $400,000.

9 Ryan Road: Wayne L. Davis to Kevin Murphy and Rachel G. Murphy, $310,000.

9 Spruce St.: Robert C. Pike Est. and Brian M. Pike to Michael P. Gallant, $250,000.

101 Andover St.: JSD RT and James S. Demakes to GRP 1 Realty Inc., $6,000,000.

5 Andrews St.: Sadete Mandri and Wells Fargo Bk to Cris Investments LLC, $167,000.

Bridle Spur Lane #13: Bridal Spur Extension to Susan P. Rucker and Clifford L. Rucker, $475,000.

25 Doty Ave.: David St. Peter and Wells Fargo Bk to FHLM, $197,862.

97 Sylvan St. #5: Salem Five Cents SB to Theresa M. Sansone, $255,000.

97 Sylvan St. #7: Evan Coffield and US Bk to US Bk, $257,334.

3 Burley St.: Elaine Deraney to Mark E. Thomas and Katie E. Haley, $300,000.

40 Chestnut St.: Robert C. Piza to Joseph Donovan and Lori A. Donovan, $252,800.

19 Dartmouth St.: Kelly J. Flynn to Donald F. Strunk, $230,000.

34 Eden Glen Ave.: Cheryl A. Arnold to John F. Arnold, $95,000.

450 Maple St.: Special Olympics Mass to Ured LLC, $755,000.

22 Massachusetts Ave.: Sharon E. Bezuka and MERS to Prop Acquisition Grp LLC, $220,000.

320 Newbury St. #102: Michelle P. Hoenig and Gary Hoenig to Ullrich Schwertschlag, $245,000.

21 Vista Drive: Lorraine M. McCannon to Richard L. McCanon, $50,000.

13 Worthington Ave.: John H. Mitchell and John E. Mitchell to Stephen A. Evanchik and Carrie L. Zaryski, $420,000.

132 Collins St. #4: Marilyn J. Peterson to Laine A. Averback, $349,900.

98 Locust St.: Norman S. St. Hilaire and Christine A. St. Hilaire to Timothy Donahue and Melissa St. Hilaire, $350,000.

22 Merrill St.: Deanna R. Sequeira and Vincent J. Sequeira to Delores A. Gallant, $320,000.

9 Oak St.: Gene C. Baker and Maria A. Baker to Timothy O'Connor and Jaclyn Soep, $365,000.

16 Patricia Road: Jay C. Wessell and Kendyll Wessell to Gene C. Baker and Maria A. Baker, $579,900.

68 Abington Rd #68: Stephen A. Siden and Wendy L. Siden to Parag Desai, $242,000.

77 Burley St.: Lisa C. Voisine and Travis Voisine to Lisa Voisine, $125,500.

120 Centre St.: Michael Stein and Bank Of New York to Bank Of New York, $351,450.

3 Erie Lane: Sean P. Covin and US Bk to US Bk, $465,000.

24 Lawrence St.: Aleksandra Dickinson and One West Bk to IMB REO LLC, $264,824.

366 Maple St.: Earl T. Cross and Susan E. Cross to Wlodek Matczak, $250,000.

39 N. Belgian Road: Joseph Lentini and Sovereign Bk to Todd G. Bailey and Kelly A. Bailey, $223,000.

164 Pine St.: Barbara A. Maclean and Gerald M. Muse to Joshua T. Crandall and Andrea L. Crandall, $265,000.

194 Pine St. #C1: Elaine M. Bellone to Reginald T. Rolfe and Elaine R. Rolfe, $149,900.

33 Water St. #19: Deborah J. Moreton Est. and Deborah J. Moreton to Thomas J. Fedele and Clarie A. Fedele, $250,000.


9 Eagan Place #9: Maria L. Branco to Ivo Borsa and Karin Borsa, $246,000.

1504 Huckleberry Court #1504: Theresa A. Curtin to William Tortorella and Rita Tortorella, $346,000.

520 Lowell St.: Omni Dev LLC to SSSD LLC, $875,000.

574 Lowell St.: Tracy M. McCarron and BAC Home Loans Svcng LP to FNMA, $307,743.

9 Munroe Ct.: Luigi A. Passanisi and MERS to FNMA, $319,414.

11 N. Central St.: Traci Briery to Gina M. Ciano, $194,500.

1100 Salem St. #16: Peter A. Vrees to Thomas M. Fiorentino, $200,000.

210 Washington St. #30: Thomas M. Crean and JP Morgan Chase Bank NA to FHLM, $132,000.

6 Endicott St.: 8 Endicott St. T and Mary R. Vieira to Alesksander Risilia and Ardit Risilia, $285,000.

14 Gasse Road: Garland RT and John J. Decoulos to Nicholas E. Butler, $70,000.

310 Lowell St. #A: James R. Greenlee and MERS to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, $265,100.

13 Magnolia Ter.: Ebosco LLC to Jon P. Busa, $315,000.

26 Mason St.: Alexander Krawczyk to Mario Ferreira, $175,000.

30 Sabino Farm Road: US Bk to Lisa Berry, $159,000.

7 America Drive: Irving M. Marcus and Audrey K. Marcus to George Varoudakis, $482,500.

1 Felton Ave.: Victor M. Torres and GMAC Mortgage LLC to FNMA, $377,514.

48 Foster St.: NCM RT and Michael M. Ambeliotis to 48 Foster LLC, $725,000.

72 Franklin St.: Gerald J. Fitzgerald and US Bk to US Bk, $200,000.

2 Innis Road #2: OHC Juniper LLC to James Cornblatt and Elaine H. Shapiro, $379,900.

5 Ledgewood Way #1: Lawrence J. Salvo to Rita Hoercher, $234,000.

7 Lincoln Road: Robert A. Gagin and Nancy K. Gagin to Ryan Dube and Ashley J Dube, $310,000.

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