GROVELAND — It's been almost four years since police seized expensive items, such as a grandfather clock and paintings, from the Groveland home of Paul Galzerano.

Some time before that, Galzerano stole the items from Beverly Hospital when he was associate vice president there, investigators said.

The items are about to return to the hospital.

The stolen items were scheduled to be moved from Stor-U-Storage in Byfield to the hospital yesterday, but the move was postponed due to rain. The items were kept in the storage unit since Sept. 30, 2008.

Groveland police gave the key to the unit to Beverly Hospital officials yesterday. Hospital representatives met with police officers at the storage unit to go over the items.

"We are thankful to the Groveland police for getting the items back to us," said Gerald MacKillop, public relations manager at the hospital. "Our plans are to put them in their just place."

Galzerano was found guilty last month of four counts of larceny and two counts of commercial bribery. The attorney general's office estimated that Galzerano stole $400,000 worth of items.

The most valuable item was the antique grandfather clock.

"The clock had a lot of sentimental value to people in the hospital," said Groveland police Deputy Chief Jeff Gillen, who was at the storage unit yesterday.

Other items included an antique chair and ottoman set, two seascape Stanley Woodward paintings, and two sets of privacy screens with Oriental designs.

The items were found at Galzerano's home in August 2008, after police searched his house due to a separate incident. Groveland Officer James Morton was looking for a handgun after Galzerano allegedly threatened two neighbors with it. The gun was not found, but Morton found items that matched the description of those stolen from Beverly Hospital, police said.

The antiques were purchased by Galzerano at an antiques shop in Essex and were supposed to end up in the hospital as part of a $60 million renovation there that Galzerano supervised from 2003 to 2006. Instead, the items ended up in Galzerano's home.

In addition to the larceny charges, Galzerano also bribed hospital contractors to do work on his home and pay his credit card and mortgage bills in exchange for hospital contracts, investigators said.

The trial ended last month, and Galzerano was sentenced to 18 months in prison and two years of probation. He was also ordered to perform 20 hours a week of community service at a homeless shelter in New Bedford when he is released from jail.

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