DANVERS — The Danvers Archival Center will be closed for about three weeks for the installation of a fire suppression system that uses a gas instead of water.

Town Archivist Richard Trask said the center closed March 6, and the work should take up to three weeks. 

The library at 15 Sylvan St., has a traditional sprinkler system that uses water to suppress a fire.

“In an archive, water is as damaging as fire,” Library Director Alex Lent said.

The work will include the installation of an “environmentally-friendly gas fire suppression system,” Trask said.

The project has been in the works for few years. Town Manager Steve Bartha said Town Meeting approved $100,000 work in May 2017.

“The Archives houses flat, two dimensional printed and written items, including books, manuscripts, maps, plans, photographs, broadsides, newspapers, ephemera, and all sort of items preserving the visual and written history and development of Salem Village and Danvers,” Trask said. The work will help preserve the town’s Danvers and witchcraft collection. 

While the center is closed, Trask said staff will continue to answer questions by email, though many of the archival resources have been moved and are unavailable for research. The rest of the library will remain open on its regular schedule.