PEABODY — An arrest following a single-vehicle accident resulted in a wild ride to the police station.

Robert F. Cormier, 63, of 52 Brookhouse Drive, Marblehead, was charged, as logged at 7:42 p.m. Tuesday, with vandalizing property. Police were initially called by a witness regarding a small van hitting a fence at Fort Sewall. Cormier was soon taken into protective custody.

“Coming in,” the police log continued, “should take about 20 minutes. Prisoner has relieved himself on the Plexiglas.” Worse was to come, according to the report, with the prisoner using his underwear to apply human waste “on the glass, the fan and the floor.”

Booking was subsequently delayed, as the clerk refused to participate while the prisoner was uncooperative. He “has continuously pounded on the door and has been yelling nonstop,” according to police.

Once booking was completed and the prisoner had posted bail, police called for a taxi for Cormier. Aftermath, a company specializing in biohazard removals was called to do the cleanup. Participating in the arrest were officers Arthur Buckley, Dennis DeFelice, Roy Ballard, Timothy Morley, Sgt. Jason Conrad and Capt. Matthew Freeman.

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