DANVERS — Steve Barrett gave 13 Danvers police cruisers a deep cleaning Wednesday morning during shift change, thanks to his Peabody cleaning business that tackles COVID-19 cleaning.

Barrett, who lives in town, said he reached out to both the Danvers police and fire departments, offering them a free cleaning for their fleets. The town's Department of Public Works is already cleaning the fire trucks and police cruisers twice a week, but Barrett, owner of AdvantaClean of the North Shore, said they were not giving them a deep disinfecting.

Last week, Barrett set up the Fire Department with a "fogger" device, a steel pot with a nozzle and a handle on top, that turns a disinfectant into an aerosol mist. The mist penetrates areas that can't be easily wiped and gets into fabric.

To clean the cruisers, Barrett first vacuumed them using a HEPA filter to trap fine particles. High touch surfaces, such as steering wheels and door handles, were hand wiped with a liquid disinfectant. Then Barrett put a fogger in the car, let the disinfectant sit for five minutes, and then used a device to blow it out of the cruiser. Allowing the disinfectant to sit for a few minutes inside a space allows it to break down viruses like the novel coronavirus that have a shell around them.

Barrett's business is primarily remediation services such as mold removal. The company is also certified to do COVID-19 cleaning. He has not been that busy since "businesses are sitting tight." Some are doing the cleaning themselves, he said.

"It was very generous and very timely for him to reach out during the pandemic," said police Chief Patrick Ambrose, adding that Barrett was helping his community. Cruisers are like shared work offices, but they are also confined spaces, so this cleaning was appreciated by the officers. Ambrose also thanked DPW custodians for routinely cleaning the cruisers.

"To get an additional boost from AdvantaClean like that was great to see," Ambrose said.

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