SALEM – Thursday night’s Council meeting saw several votes — all of them unanimous — and the typical discussion that surrounds agenda items worth more than procedural votes. That included a $250,000 request from Driscoll for as-yet-unrealized COVID-19 expenses.

Mayor Kim Driscoll said a large portion of the city’s COVID-related spending will be reimbursed by state or federal agencies, but the money needs to be spent upfront first before it gets reimbursed. The matter was both approved and sent to the Council’s finance committee, which will allow future discussion and requests if necessary.

“It’s important that we’re able to move quickly when we need resources,” Driscoll said. “We can’t come back to the Council and wait for a meeting or a special meeting. There’ll come times we need to outlay dollars.”

The City Council also unanimously approved the reappointment of seven critical city department heads in a single vote without any discussion.

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