DANVERS — Finding a permanent high school principal is a discussion administrators will have in the fall.

The School Committee got an update Tuesday night on a transition plan for the high school, where Assistant Superintendent Sue Ambrozavitch serves as interim principal, a post she will keep for one more school year.

"(Superintendent) Lisa (Dana) said in the fall we would start a search process for a new principal," said School Committee Chairman Eric Crane, a day after Tuesday's meeting in which the board got an update on the high school transition plan.

"At some point, we have to move from having a dual position," Dana said.

In the spring, the School Committee agreed to continue the arrangement that had Ambrozavitch filling two jobs this past school year, a move that was necessitated by the resignation last year of former Principal Thomas Murray. For the sake of continuity in the system, Ambrozavitch was tapped just as a massive, $70 million renovation of Danvers High on Cabot Road was about to get under way.

Ambrozavitch also oversaw the high school's move into the massive Dunn Wing during construction. Ambrozavitch, the former Smith Elementary School principal, receives a $25,000 stipend for being the high school principal.

She has help from a team of administrators, some of whom earn stipends for their work. Ambrozavitch earned kudos for guiding the high school this year.

"I think Sue does a fantastic job, and she also does a fantastic job as an assistant superintendent, but there is only so long you can ask someone to wear two hats," Crane said.

Some on the School Committee questioned the arrangement when Ambrozavitch was announced as a finalist for the superintendent's job in Amesbury this spring, a job she did not get.

School Committee member Bill Bates said he asked the question Tuesday about the next steps in the transition.

"I don't see any support to extending that into the future years because the jobs are so important," Bates said.

"My thought would be it would be better overall if we have a high school principal who is a principal and an assistant superintendent who is an assistant superintendent," Crane said.

However, Crane said he would not rule out some other arrangement, if need be.

"You have to be pragmatic," Crane said, "if circumstances dictate."

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