Driver in Hamilton crash was speeding, police say

Hamilton Police PhotoA Beverly driver sustained serious injuries after being ejected from a vehicle on Bay Road in Hamilton Tuesday night.

HAMILTON — The driver of the vehicle that crashed about 8:30 Tuesday night on Bay State Road (Route 1A) was medflighted to Beverly Hospital, then to a Boston Hospital with "very serious" injuries.

Hamilton Police Lt. Scott Janes said 25-year-old Wesley Taylor of Beverly was the sole occupant of a Volkswagen Jetta heading south on 1A when he apparently lost control of the vehicle and struck a low stone wall in front of 968 Bay State Road.

Investigating Officer Michael Wetson said Taylor was thrown some 50 feet from his vehicle by the impact and was found lying unconscious in the roadway when police and EMTs arrived. 

Wetson said Taylor lapsed in and out of consciousness during the medflight before sinking into unconsciousness. The medflight helicopter was initially delayed by fog in landing at Beverly Hospital, and when it did so, the decision was made, without ever offloading Taylor, to lift off and transport him directly to a Boston hospital.

Wetson characterized Taylor's injuries as "very serious."

He said police estimated the Volkswagen to have been traveling between 60 and 65 mph in a 35 mph zone when it went off the road.

Although Hamilton police said Taylor will be charged with speeding and negligent operation of a motor vehicle, additional charges are possible as the investigation continues.


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