SALEM — The former youth hockey coach charged with molesting 10  boys he had been hired to coach was unsuccessful in his bid Wednesday for a bail hearing, as the local court is waiting on yet another ruling from the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC). Christopher Prew, 32, of Winthrop, has been held without bail in the case since his arrest last year when he was charged and indicted on multiple counts of indecent assault and battery on a child as well as child rape. He was found to be too dangerous to release. The original order of detention for Prew was for 120 days, but that period does not include, under the law, any time that is due to defense requests that result in a delay, such as the unsuccessful motion for access to school records for the boys Prew is charged with abusing. Wednesday's hearing was granted on July 1 when Judge Thomas Drechsler agreed to a request by Prew's new lawyer, Kelly Porges, that he be granted a bail hearing on July 17. He warned Porges, however, he was not ruling on the issue of whether Prew is actually entitled to a bail hearing at this point.  The SJC had just ruled state law does not hold the rape of a child to be sufficient reason for holding someone as a danger, thereby invalidating Prew's continued incarceration. The prosecution then sought to continue Prew's confinement on grounds the charges of indecent assault and battery on a child appeared to meet the requirement of the law. Since then, however, a different case has been brought before the SJC protesting that interpretation, and maintaining that, as with child rape, neither does the charge of assault and battery of a child constitute an ample reason to continue holding a suspect on a dangerousness finding. This case is now before the SJC, and the state's continued ability to hold Prew on the dangerousness finding now hangs on how the SJC rules. That's the issue Judge Timothy Feeley said Wednesday he is taking under advisement, and one which will determine how soon Prew is granted a bail hearing.