Glover's Marblehead Regiment encampment Saturday

File photoA member of the 1st NJ Volunteers fires his musket during a re-enactment with Marblehead's Glover's Regiment. 

MARBLEHEAD — Glover’s Marblehead Regiment will again host its annual Revolutionary War Encampment living history event at Saturday at Fort Sewall, 8 Fort Sewall Lane, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

At the encampment, members of Glover’s Marblehead Regiment dress as mid-18th century common sailors, officers and individuals, often portraying people based on historical records and online and text resources. 

Born in 1732, John Glover commanded the Marblehead Militia Regiment, which was ordered to join the Continental Army in Cambridge by General George Washington during the Revolutionary War. Washington ordered Glover to protect the Beverly port against three British warships threatening attack.

In 1776, the Marblehead Militia Regiment became the 14th Continental Regiment and was ordered to march to New York and then to Long Island. On Christmas night in 1776, Glover and the 14th Continental Regiment shuttled Washington and 2,400 men across the Delaware River at night to eventually fight a successful battle in Trenton, New Jersey.

On Saturday, visitors will have the opportunity to meet soldiers, sailors, camp followers and civilians from either side of the conflict.

Members of the Continental line, French allies, and British forces will recreate conflicts leading up to the battle for control of Rhode Island on Aug. 29, 1778.

There will be tours of the historic fort and 18th-century crafts and demonstrations, such as musket ball making, marlinspike work, medicine, candle making, food preparation and militia musket drills.

Fife and drum concerts from the 18th century will occur throughout the day. Snacks from the 18th century will be available for purchase. Children can sign up with the regiment to drill and march to the beat of drums alongside its members.

Later in the afternoon there will be a musket firing contest.

This year is different from past scenarios, as a French Regiment will help portray the 1778 conflict between the French and American allies and the British.

The event is free, but donations are welcome. For more information, visit