​SALEM — Twenty seventh-graders received a crash course in photojournalism this term at the Collins Middle School. They worked on developing their photography skills every week for two months under the direction of Amy Sweeney, director of photography for North of Boston Media Group.

Photography was one of several potential careers the sixth- and seventh-graders could choose from in a LEAP for Education program at the school. Among the other choices for the school's 400 students were Iron Chef, stress relief, yoga, electrical engineering, and a math class called "How to be a Millionaire."

Professionals in each field volunteered their time to teach the students. The experience culminated in a showcase for parents Tuesday, Dec. 19 at Collins Middle School, where the students showed what they have learned.

"In photojournalism, I learned about different angles, lighting and how to edit photos, along with team-building activities, communication, cooperation and partnership projects, " seventh-grader Mia Finn said.

 Leap for Education has been bringing its enrichment program to Salem students in grades six through 12 since 2003. The organization's mission is to help the young people be successful in their educational endeavors, careers and their overall life experiences by identifying their interests and stregnths . 

"Our goal is to give students an academic enrichment experience that also ​exposes them to different career and college options through the 25 professionals and 12 guest speakers who were our amazing community teaching volunteers," said Linda Saris, the nonprofit organization's executive director.

Here are some of the photos the students shot in the photojournalism class. They used Nikon Coolpix cameras and iPhones.

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