MARBLEHEAD — Firefighters responded to an unusual call Saturday afternoon when they received a report of a man stuck in a crevice at Castle Rock Park near the eastern tip of Marblehead Neck.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they were told the man, who was there with his family, had slipped as he was climbing on the rocks and fallen about 16 feet into a crevice where he was stuck and unable to extricate himself.

Two firefighters climbed down to the man, who was in some pain, to assess the situation and render medical aid to the extent they were able.

At that point, crews from police and Engine 2, working together, used ladders, ropes, harnesses and a rescue basket, to immobilize the man and bring him to the surface.

He was then transferred to Atlantic Ambulance and taken to Massachusetts General Hospital with unknown injuries.

Firefighters said the call came in at 3:39 p.m., and the man, whose identification has not yet been released, was loaded onto the ambulance almost exactly an hour later.


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